About Project SEXUS

Project SEXUS aims to shed light on the sexual attitudes, preferences, experiences, and behaviors of the Danish population and to provide novel knowledge about the interplay between sexuality, lifestyle, and health.  

Furthermore, Project SEXUS...

  • invites approximately 200,000 Danes aged 15-89 years to participate. Respondents are randomly selected from the Danish population.
  • collects data using a digital questionnaire with a broad range of items on health, lifestyle, and sexuality. The average completion time for the questionnaire is around 30 minutes.
  • is a prospective cohort study where participants will be re-invited regularly.
  • is the first longitudinal cohort study in the world with a firm focus on sexual health.
  • constitutes a research collaboration between Statens Serum Institut (Department of Epidemiological Research) and Aalborg University (Center for Sexology Research)
  • has received funding from the Obel Family Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, the Health Foundation (Helsefonden), and the A.P. Møller Foundation.

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Morten Frisch


Morten Frisch, Overlæge, Epidemiologisk Forskning / Autoimmune sygdomme
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