Her finder du en liste over videnskabelige artikler om seksuel sundhed fra forskningsgruppen bag Projekt SEXUS. 



Bay LT, Nielsen DS, Flurey C, Giraldi A, Möller S, Graugaard C, Ellingsen T.
Associations of gender with sexual functioning, loneliness, depression, fatigue and physical function amongst patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with a particular focus on methotrexate usage.
Rheumatol Int 2024

Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Bahnsen MK, Frisch M.
Adverse childhood experiences, sexual risk-taking and non-consensual sexual experiences in a nationally representative study of 15-29-year-old Danes.*
Child Abuse & Neglect 2024;151:106720


Bahnsen MK, Graugaard C, Boisen KA, Andresen JB, Andersson M, Frisch M.
Sexuality among young Danes treated for mental health problems – baseline findings in a nationwide cohort study.*
J Psychiatr Res 2023;168:334-343

Koops TU, Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Briken P, Bahnsen MK, Andersson M, Frisch M.
Associations between recalled childhood gender nonconformity and adult sexual dysfunction in Denmark: Baseline assessment in the Project SEXUS cohort study.*
J Sex Med 2023;20:1451-1458

Erlangsen A, Jacobsen AL, Ranning A, Delamare AL, Nordentoft M, Frisch M.
Transgender identity and suicide attempts and mortality in Denmark.
JAMA 2023;329:2145-2153

Strizzi JM, Pavan S, Lerche Frederiksen E, Andersson M, Graugaard C, Frisch M, Hald GM.
Symptoms of anxiety and depression in Denmark during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: a two-wave matched-control study.*
Scand J Psychol 2023;64:563-573

Scofield D, Weis N, Andersson M, Storgaard M, Pedersen G, Johansen IS, Katzenstein TL, Graugaard C, Frisch M, Moseholm E.
Psychosocial, sexual, reproductive and menopausal health in women with and without HIV in a high-income setting.*
AIDS 2023;37:1315-1322

Graugaard C, Bahnsen MK, Boisen KA, Andresen JB, Andersson M, Frisch M. 
Sexuality among young Danes treated for long-lasting or severe physical disease: Baseline findings in a nationwide cohort study.*
J Adolesc Health 2023;73:252-261

Graugaard C, Frisch M.
Project SEXUS – Baseline findings from a nationwide cohort study on sexual behavior and health in Denmark*
J Sex Med 2023;20(Suppl 1):i32 

Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Bahnsen MK, Frisch M.
Childhood gender non-conformity, sexual orientation and mental health problems among 18 to 89 year-old Danes.*
World Psychiatry 2023;22:334-335
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Bahnsen MK, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Andresen JB, Frisch M.
Physical and mental health problems and their associations with inter-personal sexual inactivity and sexual dysfunctions in Denmark: baseline assessment in a national cohort study.*
Journal of Sexual Medicine 2022;19:1562-1579

Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Bahnsen MK, Frisch M.
Adverse childhood experiences and mental health problems in a nationally representative study of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual Danes.*
World Psychiatry 2022;21:427-435

Andresen JB, Graugaard C, Andersson M, Bahnsen MK, Frisch M.
Sexual inactivity and dysfunction in Denmark: a Project SEXUS study.*
Archives of Sexual Behavior 2022;51:3669-3688

Toldam NA, Graugaard C, Meyer R, Thomsen L, Dreier S, Jannini EA, Giraldi A.
Sexual health during COVID-19: A scoping review.
Sex Med Rev 2022;10:714-53

Frisch M, Simonsen J.
Non-therapeutic male circumcision in infancy or childhood and the risk of human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted infections: national cohort study in Denmark.
Eur J Epidemiol 2022;37:251-259

Roien LA, Graugaard C, Simovska V.
From ‘Deviance’ to ‘Diversity’: Discourses and problematisations in fifty years of sexuality education in Denmark.
Sex Education 2022;22:68-83


Hviid A, Thorsen NM, Thomsen LN, Møller FT, Wive A, Frisch M, Valentiner-Branth P, Rytter D, Mølbak K.
Human papillomavirus vaccination and all-cause morbidity in adolescent girls: a cohort study of absence from school due to illness.
Int J Epidemiol 2021;50:518-526


Bay LT, Graugaard C, Nielsen DS, Möller S, Ellingsen T, Giraldi A.
Sexual health and dysfunction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A cross-sectional single-center study.*
Sexual Medicine 2020;8:615-630

Brønnick MK, Økland I, Graugaard C, Brønnick, KK.
The effects of hormonal contraceptives on the brain. A systematic review of neuroimaging studies.
Front Psychol 2020;11:556577

Hviid A, Thorsen NM, Valentiner-Branth P, Frisch M, Mølbak K.
Association between quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination and selected syndromes with autonomic dysfunction in Danish females: population-based self-controlled case series analysis.
Br Med J 2020;370:m2930


Egede S, Fouchard J, Frisch M, Graugaard C.
Danske LGBT-personers møde med almen praksis – udfordringer og muligheder.*
Aalborg Universitet 2019

Frisch M, Moseholm E, Andersson M, Andresen JB, Graugaard C.
Sex i Danmark. Nøgletal fra Projekt SEXUS 2017-2018.*
[Sex in Denmark. Key findings in Project SEXUS 2017-2018]
ISBN: 978-87-971732-0-6
Statens Serum Institut & Aalborg Universitet 2019:1-764

Frisch M, Andersson M.
Stikprøvekonstruktion, deltagelse, bortfald, repræsentativitet og vægtning i forbindelse med første dataindsamlingsrunde i Projekt SEXUS 2017-2018.*
[Sampling, participation, drop-outs, representativity and weighting in connection with the baseline data collection in Project SEXUS 2017-2018. Technical report].
Statens Serum Institut & Aalborg Universitet 2019:1-39

Ward D, Thorsen NM, Frisch M, Valentiner-Branth P, Mølbak K, Hviid A.
A cluster analysis of serious adverse event reports after human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination in Danish girls and young women.
Euro Surveill 2019;24(19):pii=1800380.


* Publikationer, hvori der indgår analyser af data fra Projekt SEXUS.